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Client Testimonials


Conor as been my dog walker for over a year now. I have never met any other dog walker who cares so much for the dogs he is looking after. My dog can be very wary of strangers sometimes but with Conor he quite happily goes off with him for his daily walks and they have a great relationship. Conor always makes sure he caters to my dogs needs first. I totally trust him and never worry about my dog when they are out together. Conor tracks their walks and sends photos of their walk and my dog is always happy when he returns. Conor is very experienced with all sorts of breeds of dogs and gets to know their personalities. i would totally recommend Conor to anyone wanting a quality care for their dog, I consider myself lucky to have such a gem.

Ziggy's Owner


I first met Conor in a local park and was impressed with how caring and kind he was, as well as how engaged he is with the dogs he was walking. Sofia is very small, so i wanted someone that would go that extra mile keeping her safe while interacting with other dogs. Conor is the absolute best, Sofia literally dances in excitement when she see's him and is always a happy tired pup when she returns.

Sofia's Owner

sunny 1.jpeg

With his 5 months old, Sunny would not feel comfortable or even going for a walk without us. When Conor came to meet Sunny, he immediately gently pull his ears back and started a happy tail wag… the confidence and empathy was immediately there! The first walk? Sunny simply just went with Conor, no hesitations, no pulling back. And since that first day, when the walks finish, Sunny just stays for a while by the door for sure wanting Conor to be back!

Conor is super professional, punctual, reliable, he tracks and gives feedback of his walks and more importantly you immediately can tell how much he loves dogs and dogs immediately connect with him.

Sunny's Owner


Conor has been taking care of Frankie since he was a puppy over four years ago, and i cannot recommend him highly enough. Conor is kind, trustworthy and ever so punctual ! From early morning to late nights to emergency vet visits, Conor has become an essential part of our lives and has never let us down, we would be lost without him, Most of all, it has always been clear that Conor cares deeply about the happiness of the dogs he looks after, as if they were his own, as well as ensuring that their owners are kept up to date and that they feel safe and comfortable with what goes on.

Frankie's Owner


Hi, I would definielty recommend Conor's Dog Walks if you want a dog walker. Conor is very kind and caring with your dog, and he is super reliable and honest. He doesn't just walk your dog he LOVES your dog, my dog absolutely loved his walks with Conor. And if you are working on any training Conor will pick up on this and build on it. As I say - highly recommended.

Emile's Owner


I highly recommend Conor at Conor’s Dog Walks. He’s local to Fulham and my dogs adore him!

Ivy & Reyna's Owner


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